No Scholarships No High Paying Contracts... Just hard-hitting football and athletes driven by the love of the game


No Scholarships No High Paying Contracts . . . Just hard-hitting football and athletes driven by love for the game


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    Are you looking for valuable experience working within a minor league sports team? The Thunder can offer you a wide range of internship opportunities. We are open to any possibilities that help our team, so if you have something in mind that you don't see here feel free to apply anyway.

    Here are some available internships:

     -Television Commentators

     -Video Producer

     -Video Production Editor

     -Film Crew and Photographers

     -Team Wear Merchandising

     -Marketing Specialist 

     -Event Management  

     -Athletic Trainer 

    You can read about these internships below. 

    Television Commentators

    We're looking for up to three outgoing and quick witted people with solid football knowledge to provide commentary during our games. Your commentary would be used during any live as well as pre-recorded television broadcasts. These broadcasts would also be posted here to our website for fans to watch. You'd work closely with the Video Production Producer and Editor to create a quality program. Apply Now! 

    Video Producer

    We're establishing a broadcast team to cover our games for a larger television and web audience. We're looking for someone to coordinate a film crew, direct a team of commentators, and help with the editing process. Apply Now!  

    Video Production Editor

    We need one or more people with video editing knowledge and experience to create a professional looking broadcast for a television and web audience. You'd work in collaboration with a producer and team of filmers. Apply Now!  

    Film Crew and Photographer

    We'd love to see our games filmed and photographed with a professional touch. Ultimately our goal is to put a live feed of our game on the air with an accompanying play by play show. We'd like to have three or more filmers to help us capture the game from multiple angles. Apply Now!

    Team Wear Merchandising

    Are you good at fashion designing? Each year we come out with a new design for tshirts, sweatshirts, and other gear. These items help spread the word about our organization and bring new fans to the games. Help us design and market our team's next line of clothing and gear! Apply Now!

    Marketing Specialist

    Playing in front of a packed house is way more exciting than just running around to the applause of crickets. We want to put together an advertising campaign to help put people in the seats. You could be in charge of this campaign, manage an allotment of funds, and use your creativity to garner the team new fans and supporters. Apply Now!

    Event Management

    We need people to help run the game day operations, and keep things running smoothly. This involves making sure that both teams have everything they need and are at the right place at the right time, coordinating halftime activities, coordinating ticket sales, coming up with prize packages for random fans, and much more. Apply Now!  

    Athletic Trainer

    This is a great opportunity for someone with the desire to enter the athletic training or physical therapy field. You'll get hands on work with athletes tending injuries and providing other care. Apply Now!