No Scholarships No High Paying Contracts... Just hard-hitting football and athletes driven by the love of the game


No Scholarships No High Paying Contracts . . . Just hard-hitting football and athletes driven by love for the game

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    Player Recruitment

    Thank you for your interest! Please read through some information about our organization before deciding whether you'd like to fill out an application. 

    We play in a very competitive league spanning the state of Washington. Many teams feature current and former collegiate players. The Thunder have 11 current or former division I-A players, as well as many division I-AA, II, and III players.

    This high level of football knowledge and experience gives our team an environment of professionalism, while at the same time working to teach and coach younger and less experienced/knowledgeable players. Basically, if you are a raw athlete who doesn't know the difference between Cover 2 and Cover 3, or Counter and Trap - don't worry, we can teach you.        

      Quarterback Jordan Gulley (#15) Scrambles out of he pocket 

    KC Thometz (#2) doesn't let linebackers have an easy day 


    - Ready to Apply? Click here to fill out our brief online application -

    Reasons to Join

    • High levels of Competition
    You'll get to play alongside a concentration of very good athletes, and get to go up against some of the best the state has to offer. 
    • Chance to prove yourself and be noticed
    Playing for the Thunder will not affect your NCAA eligibility as you are not being paid, and it will give you the chance to show colleges you have what it takes. You could also find yourself scouted by professional teams such as the Wenatchee Venom or Spokane Shock.
    • Fun team atmosphere 
    Everyone plays with their own set of goals that motivates them, some for the glory of being a stellar athlete, others for the feeling of "Teeing off"on someone. But the common denominators among us are the desire to win and to have an awesome time playing the sport we love. People on the team come from many different backgrounds, but you'll find everyone on the team to be friendly, welcoming, and equally aggressive and likely to smash you during practice...but in a good way.
    • Be on TV/Radio
    We are in contract talks right now with Time Warner to put each of our games up on local cable. Beyond that, each season several Thunder games get picked up by On Demand television, radio broadcast, or the local news. Check out the video below! 
    • Play Locally
    You can have all your friends come watch and cheer you on, while you represent the Palouse region. 

    Above, Thunder WR/CB Shane Thomas #38 plays in the Apple Cup 

    Above, Thunder WR/DB Easton Johnson plays against OSU

    Above, Thunder WR/CB Shane Thomas lined up at Corner vs Oregon 

    Ready to make a name for yourself?

    Awesome! We have a brief online application you can fill out right here on our website. Send it in and a Thunder representative will contact you ASAP.

    Click here to fill out an Application! - 

    Questions? Maybe we answered them in the FAQ's below, or you can send an email to [email protected], or call our team owner, Joseph Williams, at (509) 432-5000

    Not convinced? Please read the FAQ's below, and take some time to explore our website and get a feel for what our team is all about.

    Thunder Cheerleaders 

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Thunder poster for 2010


     Thunder Runningback, Chase Bosley, sits in the UNLV locker room before taking on TCU (2nd from left)

         Shay Valentine (#19) makes a highlight catch

    What positions are you looking for?

    As of right now we are looking to add depth at every position. 

    Are there cheerleaders?

    Of course. An awesome, 18 girl squad.

    I was decent in high school, but I'm no stud. Would I still be able to compete? 

    Without a doubt, yes. The majority of players in this league are guys who were pretty decent in high school. You won't be going toe to toe with 5 star - blue chip athletes every snap. However, there are some very good players out there, but that is just part of the challenge. If you go 100% from snap until whistle, you will be fine. Feel free to look through our video section to see game clips and get a feel for the speed of the game.

    Are there Tryouts? How do I make the team? 

    We'll contact you shortly and talk with you about your experience. Then we'll get you involved in our practices and bring you up to speed on what you need to know.

    What kind of time commitment are we looking at? 

    Scheduling is flexible, so if you have a massive work schedule and could only make it out to a few practices that would be fine as long as you meet with the coaches and learn about what you missed. During the season we'd have 10 games, with the possibility of a post season of up to 3 games. Games are played on Saturdays, usually with a 5pm or 7pm kickoff. We'd be practicing around twice per week during this time, with film watching get-togethers usually afterwards. 

    Where would we practice?

    We mainly practice in Moscow, on the U of I Sprint turf practice field behind the Kibbie Dome. We frequently have practice at Lincoln Middle School in Pullman, and we're thinking about moving onto the new WSU Rec turf when they finish building the facility.

    How far would we travel for games?

    Our road games in the 2011 season will take us to Moses Lake, Spokane, Okanogan, Wenatchee, and down to Hermiston, Oregon. The team plans on purchasing one or two large vans or a bus for transportation to ease player travel expenses.   

    How much would this cost me?

    We have a procedure which allows you to play 100% for free, which many of our players choose to do. It involves helping us bring in a sponsor and isn't difficult. We'll use that money to buy gear for you and cover your uniform and player fee.

    Otherwise, you will need to supply your own football pads and helmet, purchase your jersey, and pay a player fee. We HIGHLY recommend you just save your money and assist us with getting businesses to sponsor the team.

    Football can range in cost, it's up to you how fancy you want to be. Used equipment is probably your best bet as brand new gear can be pricey.

    Uniform price is $150. You will get a black home jersey with black pants, and a white away jersey with white pants. You'll have your last name printed on the back of both jerseys.

    We will also have a $150 player fee that goes towards our referees, fields, and other team expenses.

    If costs are a factor in your decision we recommend speaking directly with our team ownership, as an installment plan could be an option. 



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